I am an Associate Professor at IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). My research focuses on achieving a better hardware-software ecosystem for data management systems.

Before joining ITU, I was a research staff member at IBM Almaden Research Center, where I was part of the team that led the development of IBM DB2 Event Store.

Before IBM,
I received my P
hD from EPFL in November 2014. During my PhD studies, I was a member of the Data-Intensive Applications and Systems Laboratory (DIAS) working under supervision of Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki. During my PhD, I was one of the main developers and maintainers of the Shore-MT storage manager.

Just before starting my PhD, I got my bachelor's degree from the Computer Engineering department of Koç University in İstanbul, Turkey in 2009. During my bachelor's, I was advised by Prof. Serdar Taşıran.

Here is my CV.

Email: pito@itu.dk
IT-Universitetet i København
Rued Langgaards Vej 7
2300 København S