Current PhD students

Current MSc theses

  • Magnus Christian Frydenlund Krøyer and Andreas Blanke
    Project: Analysis of New Generation SSDs
    Co-supervised with Philippe Bonnet

  • Niels Frederik Ejlersen
    Project: Profiling Unity DOTS

  • Morten Skøtt Knudsen
    Project: Exploring prerequisites for implementing a dynamic extended cluster pruning algorithm (eCP)
    Co-supervised with Björn Thór Jónsson

Former MSc theses supervised at ITU

  • Sebastian Baunsgaard and Sebastian Benjamin Wrede
    Thesis: Scalable Speech Recognition
    Co-supervised with Leon Derczynski

  • Marcus Winding Quistgaard
    Thesis: Benchmarking time-series systems with a HTAP/IoT workload

  • Peter Hrvola
    Thesis: Scheduling in Multi-tenant Systems based on Application Characteristics

Former PhD interns at IBM Almaden